Before heading off to Lyon we detoured to a village called Tours, this was recommended by the Countess for a spot of shopping. The village was pretty with a main mall and trams. Not a lot of shopping but we did encounter 2 guys playing French music on piano accordions. Very entertaining. Onwards to Lyon. We arrived late afternoon very tired, after a complicated route navigating the narrow streets we eventually found our accommodation. The GPS in our car proved to be frustrating at times giving us turning directions at the last minute or not at all. We came to realize it was French and therefore not accommodating or friendly. After checking in and seeing our rooms we elected to get the hell out as quickly as possible. The hotel to say the least was horrible. Around the corner was the Hotel Simplon, clean inviting and the reception made us feel welcome. Yeah time for a shower and out for a bit to eat.

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The next day (my birthday) we spent at the ceramic market where potters from all over the region come to sell and display there work. This was truly an inspirational experience, giving me food for thought about the upcoming workshop in Tuscanny. That night the girls wanted to celebrate my birthday so off to dinner with Champagne and wonderful food. Another night to remember.

All in all if the French know how to do anything it is the food. I have never had better bread, cheese or fresh produce ever. Their food markets are a thing that any food lover would be in awe of.

A good nights sleep and off through the Swiss Alps towards Italy.